From Our Soldiers


We love receiving notes and emails from our Soldiers. Below are just a few of those received.

November 26, 2019

Just a short note to thank-you for the care package that arrived yesterday.  Perfect timing with Thanksgiving around the corner.  The air force members always leave with a smile on their face - thanks to your hard work on their behalf.  Have a wonderful day. --Darryl

September 24, 2019

I just want to say thank you so much for the packages that you continue to send. We just received the most recent batch and it looks like Christmas here.Everyone is standing up opening packages with huge smiles all around. What you are doing is truly making a difference and we appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. --Trayton

June 6, 2019

We received 6 packages today from you and JOSH. I opened three of the six boxes to share with everyone here. I will open the others as what was put out begins to dwindle. Everyone is very appreciative of all of the wonderful contents the boxes included. We will certainly put to use the toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shaving cream, sunscreen, razors, etc... as our time goes on here. It was not hard to find someone interested in the Oreos either. Thank you. Someone said with all of the boxes addressed to me it looked like Christmas. In all honesty it felt like it and leaving in January many of us look forward to the real day later this year. --John

May 25, 2019

The care packages you sent have been arriving over the last few days and have provided us with a great deal of goodies to put out on the care package table.  The bottles of body wash, shampoo, deodorant, and shaving cream have been snapped up by the airman ( and women) very quickly as we have had a new rotation hit the ground in the last few weeks.  Personally I have been really enjoying the Planter’s nutritional mixed nuts – they are delicious.  Of course the energy shots, jerky, and popcorn are also very popular.  Thank-you so very much for looking after us.  Have a wonderful day! March 26, 2019

More care packages arrived yesterday.  You have been instrumental in keeping
our care package table well stocked.  Thank you once again for your time and
efforts on our behalf.  Have a wonderful day. --Darryl

March 17, 2019

Thank you so much for your care packages. Those packages warmed the hearts of my soldiers. We appreciate all that you have done to take the time and effort to send us packages. It truly brightens our days knowing that we have so much support from home. Words cannot express how grateful we are to receive the care packages from your organization. I hope you share this e-mail with all of your volunteers.--Bryce

December 22, 2018

Yet again I received another AMAZING care package from your organization.   I would like to say Thank you for your support.  All the items in the package were either used by me or given to another service member.  The most popular items were the delicious snacks.  I enjoyed sharing them with all my Airmen and seeing how they brought a smile to their face.  Its small things like your heartfelt care package that remind us that people back home are thinking of us.--Heidi

November 29, 2018

I received another package yesterday and the soldiers were thankful for the laundry soap and body wash, we appreciate everything that you have sent so far.--Rae

August 28, 2018

I received my package today and it definitely brightened my day and put me in a spectacular mood! Thank you so much for your gratitude, my battle buddies and I will enjoy every bit of this care package. Thank you so much, and God bless.--Jordan

August 8, 2018

I would like to say thank you for sending me the care package of goodies! I cannot adequately express my gratitude and appreciation for what you guys are doing out here. I hope that you understand how greatly your support of us out here impacts our morale and overall well-being. Again, thank you so much for all of the support! -- Cole

July 18, 2018

I got your packages and thank you so much for everything you sent!! We love the snacks and just everything. You are very kind and every little bit helps when we get something that reminds us of home! -- Kayla

June 24, 2018

Greetings from Afghanistan!  I'd like to express my deepest gratitude for your generosity, care and prayer for TF Lethal Warriors in AFG. Your care packages meant a lot to Soldiers in my unit.  You boosted their morale during the deployment through the care packages you sent. We, Lethal Warriors, truly feel thankful for American patriots like you and your organization. -- Benjamin

June 20, 2018

I received a package from you and it was GREAT!  It lasted all of 5 minutes
when the girls around me saw what was in it!  The face wash, bath and body
works stuff (super bonus), face lotion, razors... all were gone; I had to
share!  LOL.  But I was glad to see a smile on their faces!  Thank you so much.  It was so awesome to receive a package with such great stuff in it for females!  You send the best stuff!! -- Mary

June 8, 2018 

I just received my package yesterday! I couldn’t believe how fast it got here! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! I was able to share the goodies with my team! We have a movie night last night and popped some popcorn. We also really enjoyed the packaged tuna. I know it’s kind of surprising To hear but the chow hall food gets old and it’s a nice way to get some extra protein. We thank you so much! My team appreciates you! Have a blessed day! -- Jessica

April 20, 2018

I just received the first shipment of care packages. I just want to say thank you so much for all that you and your organization does for the military that are deployed forward! -- Andrew

March 12, 2018

First off, thank you so much for your support to the troops. We really appreciate that people still care about the soldiers deployed. Thank you for all that y'all do for us. Sometimes it is hard to get some of the items, like good shampoo or sunflower seeds, and other things you send. I can tell you from experience that deployments go by faster and are a little easier when you have something that reminds you of home. Most of the guys with me, to include myself, have done multiple deployments and this is the first time we have ever gotten anything like your care packages before. I think the great volunteers at J.O.S.H. are doing a wonderful job and it is not forgotten by people like me and my team here.  --  CB

March 3, 2018

Thank you so much for another package. It is amazing to be able to count on Just Our Soldiers' Helpers to pick up morale and brighten spirits.  Thank you for everything you do for Soldiers everywhere. --  Joshua

February 5, 2018

We just got the care packages! You organization is awesome! Thank you. Everyone here is so pleased with the items you sent. It's is truly a blessing to have the kind of support you and your organization provide. Once again, thank you.  -  Darryl

February 2, 2018

I received your package today.  These packages are, indeed, a lot. It means quite a bit to Soldiers whenever we receive a package from home. And the thought that complete strangers are taking the time and effort to make us remember why we are here is emotionally significant. So, thank you. Thank you very much. -- Joseph

February 2, 2018

I am writing to inform you that I received the care package that J.O.S.H sent to me.  I greatly appreciate it!  The items you sent have already came in handy.

Thanks again and keep up the great work all of you do.  It’s tough being away from friends and family especially during the holidays.  These care packages may seem very minor in the grand scheme of things but we appreciate them more than you’ll ever know.  --  Joshua

December 6, 2017

I recently recieved a package from your organization .  I just wanted to let you know how much i appreciated it. It helped a lot! Thank you so much for your support. Knowing there are people out there supporting us makes it all worth it. -- Olivia

July 7, 2017

Hello! Just wanted to let you know I received another couple of care packages you guys sent out! The past couple months I've been moving around a lot, yet not staying in one place too long, so it seems that a few of the packages have been trailing me along as I go haha. I want to thank you again for all of the packages you've sent out, they've all been well received by the guys and none lasted very long.  Thank you very much again! --  Scott

June 26, 2017

I would like to thank you and the J.O.S.H. organization for sending us these packages. It is great to know that folks such as yourselves are thinking of us while we are deployed. The packages are being shared by many that are here with me. My team and I are very grateful for the snacks and cards in the packages. Thank you for all you do in support of the military!! Have a great day!! -- Frank

June 25, 2017

I wanted to personally thank you for the care packages, it was like having a taste of home here. All of my sailors and soldiers are very grateful to you and your organization. Thank you for your kindness and generosity it is greatly appreciated. May God Bless all of you for your kindness and generosity. -- Erica

May 18, 2017

One of my Soldiers just received the package prepared by you and the other volunteers. Thank you for thinking of us, and we want you to know we appreciate everything you do for Soldiers all over the world. The platoon loved everything inside, and it definitely boosted moral.-- Donovan


April 9, 2017

What you do for the soldiers is appreciated more than you know. Myself and a couple other soldiers from my unit would like to send out many thanks to you and your organization for the support you give us and the awesome care packages you have provided.-- Cole


March 25, 2017

Yesterday after a long day's work the unit mail clerk stopped by my desk informing me that I had mail. I wasn't expected anything so my eyes lit up with joy due to the fact that incoming mail is like Christmas to us! I was pleased to see that not only our family members appreciate our hard work and sacrifices, but the volunteers of J.O.S.H do also. This brightened up my day because the package was tailored to my needs as a female Soldier. I'm very much in tune with my feminine side and take pride in looking, feeling and smelling good. Thank you so much for the Bath and Body Works body gel and lotion, it smells wonderful! I was actually running out of toothpaste and my preferred brand of use is Colgate! Thanks to you all I now have enough for two months! The water is a tad bit harsh and I dislike washing my face with it, so the facial wipes were truly a blessing. Everything will be used and will definitely not go to waste. 

Again, thanks for the wonderful gifts of gratitude and taking the time to let us know that you all care and appreciate what we do.--Tameeka

March 24, 2017

The JOSH packages are arriving! I have to say that our ladies here are *truly* appreciative of the amazing care packages and products! The face creams, lotions, washes, etc excellent!! I personally couldn't wait to try the Simple day/night cream - it felt so nice after a long day!  From the bottom of our hearts: thank you. The time, funds, effort, and care put into these packages do not go unappreciated and definitely bring the comforts of "home" to our days.--Taara


March 3, 2017

I wanted to write and let you know that I received a box full of goodies yesterday from your organization, and that I appreciate it greatly. What a wonderful group of people you must be to think about our Soldiers and take the time out, and the money, in order to send these packages. Having not received any mail for a couple of weeks, it was a really nice gift and it brought a big smile to my face. Thank you so much and it is precisely people like you that make it worth doing the job we do!! -- Louise

February 8, 2017
We can’t thank you guys enough for all the goodies and personal hygiene items that were sent. We especially loved the knitted hats!!!!!! Once again, THANK YOU!!!!! -- Kenneth

February 7, 2017

I received both of your care packages today. Thank you and everyone that was part of getting them to us. I planned on taking a picture but before i even opened them the joes where running away with stuff that they have needed. Thanks again. The Dog Pound(our squads name) is very grateful. -- David​


January 5, 2017
​I would like to thank you so much for sending out all the packages and all of the caring and love that you have shown to us. Its really nice to know that people care and are willing to work hard to show it. Thank you again so much, your help and friendship has been invaluable to us. -- Ryan


October 6, 2016
I received your package today thank you so much for taking the time to send me a package I shared it amongst my battle buddies and they enjoyed and out everything in the package to use. There was something not just for me but for a lot of the other soldiers in the package as well, I thank all the volunteers who took time out of their busy lives to help package everything up and ship it, as we are serving our country all of you are helping to make our time here not as stressful with your treats, movies, hygiene products and your cards with warming messages makes our time over here worth it and I personally would do it all over again if I had to because of that!. -- Imani


July 19, 2016
I just wanted to let you know I received a package from your organization. Thank you very much! It was one of the best care packages we received since we have been here. My section appreciated everything you sent us. ​-- Julia


July 19, 2016

This care package really means a lot, you brightened up my day. I have been working hard and keeping my head down low due to the high threat here, this is a blessing that there is people like you out there that are willing to support Military members like me. I really appreciate everything you do and what you stand for on all the volunteer hours you put in. I want to thank you for your time and for sending me this care package. --Jason

May 28, 2016

I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for the care package we received here from your organization.  what a tremendous blessing.  I can tell you that our Soldiers were very, very grateful.  Words simply cannot convey our gratitude for your continued support while we are overseas serving our great nation.  We will continue to do our best to protect you at home while serving here at the Horn of Africa.  -- George

 May 27, 2016
Thank you so much for your time and effort spent in sending me these care packages! They arrived today and it felt like Christmas as we opened up these boxes not knowing the contents within. I'm almost certain you couldn't have been able to squeeze another ounce of loving support into those two boxes as they were busting at the seams with everything from absolute necessities to treats that will most definitely satisfy every sweet tooth here. I am proud to serve and am in awe at this kind of support from those back home. I thank you for your support and on behalf of the aircraft maintainers stationed here overseas, thank you for all that you and your organization does to ensure we are taken care of. I will certainly spread the word and pass on your contact information. Thank you again! -- Taylor

February 24, 2016
I've received 3 packages from you this week! I cannot express our gratitude enough for your organization's care and kindness. One of the packages included the games from Mr. Rivero. I will also send him an email thanking him. Please let your fellow donors know that the Soldiers, Marines and Airmen are loving the stuff you have put together for us, and are very appreciative. God bless you all. -- Jason

February 18, 2016
I received a care package from you today. I have a team of about 12 guys with me and packages like this are a great reminder of the support we have back home. We all appreciate it; thank you very much.  -- Michael

January 13, 2016

​I received your first care package and I can't tell you how excited I was to see it. There was so many of my battle buddies that needed things from it that I was only able to keep a few things. We really appreciate what you are doing.  The body wash was one of the first things to go. The guys kept asking when would we be receiving more because not everyone got a chance to get something out of that one. I told them that I would e-mail you to find out. they also wanted to know would you be able to send any canned fruit or summer sausage with cheese.  Once again I thank you for your support and look forward to working with you.  -- Kevin

November 17, 2015
I've been receiving boxes from you, thank you! Glad you got the card, it is a small token of appreciation. If you could send us some snack or microwaveable food that will be greatly appreciated. When we receive packages especially in bulk we usually put them in our conference room and everyone opens them regardless of who the receiver is, then every Soldier will grab what they need or like. Receiving letters, cards and care packages boosts the morale of every Soldier here in our Detachment, it is something we look forward to every day. Thank you again for your support! -- Dawn​​

July 15, 2015
I just got the care packages you sent. Thank you so much for all the food and hygiene products you sent me, they will be a huge help. I love the food you sent me, most notably the coffee and granola bars. I like to eat healthy and I work out a lot so I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but I do really like quest bars as long as it's not a death by chocolate flavor. The tuna and cup noodles are awesome, those are two things I devour. Everything in the box of hygiene products is amazing. The three different kinds of body wash and two lotions are really nice, you even put in the same exact deodorant that I wear. Once again thank you for everything you sent me, I can't express how much I appreciate it. - Neal 

June 17, 2015
Thank you so much for the care package, so many of the soldiers faces lit up as I put a little something on their desks and they came back to a surprise.  What you and people like you do every day by sending a little bit of home to soldiers deployed worldwide is such a great thing and I applaud you.  It is people and the groups like you that make all of us here realize why we do what we do.  Thank you for caring and as long as there are people like you at home there will be soldiers like me fighting for what we as a nation believe in.  I am nearing the end of my career but after  8 combat deployments I have been exposed to numerous people like you that have brought a smile to my soldiers faces time and time again.  Thank you for the package from all of us in my small unit. - Shawn

May 27, 2015
On behalf of my office in Djibouti, Africa, I wanted to extend a huge thank you for the care package that you sent us! This is the second care package that we've received from you and your organization, and they are by far the best that we receive. They are packed with high energy and healthy snacks, which help keep us going! We truly appreciate the time and effort that you put into preparing the packages, and their contents are a hit with everyone here! Thank you again for your support, your efforts bring us a little piece of home and comfort while we are here. -- Jonathan 

April 29, 2015
I wanted to let you know that we have received some of your recent packages.  Thank you very much for the continued support and encouragement. We have already begun sharing everything that we have received with our Soldiers. The care of your team makes a great difference in our daily lives. -- Corey 

November 1, 2014
I just received another one of your packages and wanted to say thank you.  The unit who just arrived acted like it was Christmas walking around with whatever they could steal from the box!  --  Nicholas 

October 6, 2014
I would like to thank you for the packages that I received from you and your organization.  Getting them so quickly has been a blessing, just knowing that you care enough to send items and that you and your organization take the time and effort to support us makes a little easier being so far from home.  Once again, thank you for your support and God bless you and all that you do. -- Lou

July 17, 2014
We received your awesome package yesterday and distributed among out entire BTRY. Mostly all soldiers were able to take something out of it they needed. I wanted to thank you personally for such a kind gift. It is hard to get all of our guys together for a photo op because they are split up and training different groups each day.  I hope we can take a photo soon while deployed and I will send it to you. From all the ‘Annihilator’s’ in A BTRY, 4-1FA THANK YOU -- Harrison 

July 2, 2014
We have received your care packages and we want to thank you for the support you guys do for us. It really does make us feel good that people care about us and support us. Thank You all for the packages. At this time I don't think we have any requests.  Thank you once again. God Bless You all!! -- Pedro

June 23, 2014
Thank you so much for the care package that I received. everything is much appreciated. I wanted to thank you for your time and effort in putting the care packages together. we are far from facilities to buy our own items so most of the stuff we get is from our families and people like you. My unit will be here for the foreseeable future so if you have no one else to send packages to we would be more than happy to receive packages. Just know that others with me are welcome to the items that you send. We appreciate your hard work to support us. thanks again. -- Joshua