Just Our Soldiers' Helpers Inc. (J.O.S.H.)
Bringing Smiles to Our Deployed Heroes' Faces One Care Package
at a Time


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Questions about J.O.S.H.

Why are you called Just Our Soldiers’ Helpers, don’t you ship care packages to all branches of the Military?

Our name does not mean that we ship to only Soldiers.  We ship to any and all branches of the Military!  This name was chosen to indicate just a little of what we do and our intention was to use a name that could be shortened to J.O.S.H. to honor the Soldier who was the inspiration for this organization.

Where do you ship?

We will ship to any deployed US service member who is in need of moral support.  Our primary focus is to support those who serve in areas where it is difficult to purchase hygiene items and snacks/food items.  We specifically like to ship to troops who are serving in remote areas where they do not have a PX.

What do you ship?

We prepare and ship large, flat-rate USPS boxes that are filled with items such as snacks, canned food, hygiene items, games/morale items, socks, and just about anything else the troops request as long as it is allowed by the military and by the postal service.  One of the most important rules of thumb is to not ship anything to the troops that you wouldn't eat/use yourself. 

The key word in our care packages is “care.”  We want to ship whatever will show our troops that folks back home support and care about them.

What are the most requested care package items?

Baby wipes, beef jerky and coffee are the most requested items.  There are many other requests and the items we ship are listed on the Care Package Items page of this website.  But one Soldier told us that baby wipes could be sent in every package.  It seems they use baby wipes for EVERYTHING.

How often do you ship?

We ship practically every day of the week.  We find it is easier for the postal service and the troops if we ship care packages regularly rather than doing mass mailings.

Where do you get your Soldiers’ names?

We rely upon people to refer US service members to us.  We also love it when service members register with us through this website.  If we don’t get enough names through those resources, we coordinate with other organizations to receive names of Chaplains who will distribute our packages to those who need encouragement or a little extra morale boost.

What kind of help do you need?

We have lots of volunteers to help prepare the care packages.  Our biggest needs are care package items and/or monetary donations to either purchase items or pay shipping.  

Got other questions that we didn’t answer here?  Feel free to ask using the “
Contact Uspage of this website.  We will normally answer within 24 hours.